Car Garage
We repair all makes of vehicles. We can get any car you want to buy.

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Car Wash
We repair vehicles to the satisfaction of the customers.
We also do general car wash.

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Car Sales
We provide low-cost car hire services.

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Car Garage
At Victor Motors, we evaluate and perform service on check engine light diagnostics, electrical troubleshooting and repair, foreign auto repair, domestic auto repair, emission diagnostic and repair. This AAA auto repair shop specializes in foreign and domestic cars.
Visit us for:

Comprehensive vehicle maintenance
:: Complete engine diagnostics, repair
   and replacement
:: Transmission repair and replacement
:: Exhaust replacement, welding and upgrades
:: Brake service, repair, and replacement
:: Alignment
:: Suspension and steering adjustment and
:: Heating / AC service
:: Engine cooling and radiator service
:: Tire repair and replacement
:: Computer and electrical diagnostics
:: Factory-scheduled maintenance
:: State inspection
:: Light bodywork on windows, side-view mirrors,
   and headlights
:: Maryland state safety inspection
:: Emissions repairs
:: Performance upgrades
The workshop is appointed by the Automobile Association of Kenya as a three-spanner garage
to carry out major repairs. Some of the factors taken into consideration prior to appointment are workshop facilities, cleanliness, security, customer relations, quality of workmanship and 24 hour breakdown services.

The Workshop has been inspected and approved by the Ministry of public works. Ace is also a member of the Kenya Motor  Repairers Association - KEMRA


Certified Technicians

At Victor Motors, we deal with all of these systems and more everyday. Our certified technicians are trained on all aspects of vehicle repair. This even includes replacing window controls and motors as well as cooling systems
and cruise control.

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