Car Garage
We repair all makes of vehicles. We can get any car you want to buy.

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Car Wash
We repair vehicles to the satisfaction of the customers.
We also do general car wash.

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Car Sales
We provide low-cost car hire services.

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Car Wash

At Victor Motors, we pride ourselves on the care we give to each customer as well as quality car wash service we provide.

We have different car washing services as below:

:: Full Service Pressure Car Wash (dust floors, clean inside windows & dust dash) and towel
   dry by hand.     Kshs. 200 / Kshs.300

:: Engine Wash                                Kshs.200

:: Under body wash                         Kshs.300

:: Tire Dressing                               Kshs.500

:: Polish dash board                        Kshs.500

:: Polish wax on body                      Kshs.1,000

:: Cleaning Seats                             Kshs.2,500

:: Full Interior Upholstery               Kshs.4,000

:: Buffing                                          Kshs.2,500

:: Interior Roof Cleaning                 Kshs.1,500

:: Floor Carpet Cleaning                 Kshs.2,500

Spare Parts

Our Parts Centre will ensure that your vehicle is fitted with quality parts at an affordable price. 

We also stock various car accessories and beauty products

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